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Jon Richardson is a 31 year old comedian from Lancaster. He is currently a team captain for the panel show 8 Out Of 10 Cats on Channel 4, and is the host on comedy show Stand Up For The Week.
Jon is also part of a comedy group, GIT, which includes fellow comedians Dan Atkinson and Lloyd Langford.
He supports Leeds United Football Club and is a huge fan of 80's film Labyrinth.

He has also released a book in June 2011, titled It's Not Me, It's You!

The Stand Up For The Week team.

Seann Walsh, Paul Chowdhry, Jon Richardson, Sara Pascoe, Josh Widdicombe and Rich Hall.

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    I wish to hell there;s a way I could watch this damn show.
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    Oh man, the things I would do to Jon Richardson. Great cast, absolutely love Seann, Jon, Josh and Rich!
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    Wait! Seann Walsh and Josh Widdicombe?! How will we deal with all that hair in one place?
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    At least we are in agreement, show bollocks, performers live, fucking A.
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    I have heard enough of Paul to know I like him as well, and yet Stand Up for The Week is SUCH BOLLOCKS. I’ve seen … most...
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    normally I would tell you I’d watch David Cameron read aloud the phone book if Jon Richardson was going to be there too,...
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    Seann Walsh is utterly brilliant and attractive.
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