Blog dedicated to comedian Jon Richardson
Jon Richardson is a 31 year old comedian from Lancaster. He is currently a team captain for the panel show 8 Out Of 10 Cats on Channel 4, and is the host on comedy show Stand Up For The Week.
Jon is also part of a comedy group, GIT, which includes fellow comedians Dan Atkinson and Lloyd Langford.
He supports Leeds United Football Club and is a huge fan of 80's film Labyrinth.

He has also released a book in June 2011, titled It's Not Me, It's You!
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Anonymous: tbh how great would it be if they did a Cats Does Come Dine With Me?!? Jon would be amazing. That would be amazing. Amazing.

Yes! I imagine Jon cooking up something spectacular and Sean ordering a takeaway or something…

Anonymous: Remember on 8/10 cats countdown when he had the shots for anyone who got a 9 letter word and made up all those words aha? xo

Yes! When Susie said one of his words was in the dictionary his face lit up and he looked crushed when she said she was joking. 

I want a drunk 8oo10c does countdown now!